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    From mRNA to Cure

    By analyzing RNA we can detect disease, monitor health, and design Next Generation Cures


    Our OneRNA platform enables repurposing of existing drugs on an individual patient basis and the development of individualized novel RNA therapeutics e.g. RNA vaccines to develop Next Generation Cures.

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    Looking for better treatment options for your patients? Our OneRNA Platform enables repurposing existing drugs on an individual patient basis

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    Using just one biomarker can save $1B during clinical development.

    The OneRNA Platform makes the companion diagnostic into an algorithm and rapidly translates RNA code to novel RNA Theraputics

  • RNA Platform

    By analyzing RNA we can monitor health, detect disease and design next generation cures

    DNA is not your fate. RNA is coding for proteins and proteins are targets for drugs, today RNA is directly a target for drugs and a drug itself. We are experts in analyzing RNA using Next Generation Sequencing and translating RNA Code to RNA Therapeutics to individualize treatment

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    OneRNA® for treatment selection in cancer

    DNA is not your fate. RNA codes for proteins and proteins are targets for drugs, furthermore today RNA is directly a target for drugs and a drug itself. We coded all that information into our OneRNA® platform and initiated 3 clinical studies to produce supporting data.

  • OneRNA4Bladder

    Genomic Expression is starting a large study testing OneRNA together with selected DNA markers as a liquid biopsy platformBladder cancer is the most expensive cancer to treatDue to very invasive and expensive diagnostic procedures and a high recurrence rate



    Substituting the use of cystoscopy for the detection of bladder cancer



    Treat based on OneRNA rather than standard of care



    Monitor effectiveness of treatment in simple urine test



    Optimize treatment real time to prevent recurrence and ineffective treatments


    Experienced Management Team with Startup RNA

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    Gitte Pedersen

    CEO and co-founder

    Gitte Pedersen, CEO is a former executive at NovoZymes, the world’s largest enzyme manufacturer. She has advised the Danish Government and early stage biotech companies regarding their corporate development in the US


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    Morten Pedersen

    CSO and cofounder

    Morten Pedersen, CTO and co-founder holds a Ph.D in genomics. He has a very strong innovation track record with multiple key patents in genomics. Morten is the inventor of Genomic Expression’s sample prep technologies

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    Jesper Zeuthen

    VP Oncology research

    Jesper Zeuthen, CMO, is the co-founder of GeneMap and Topotarget (both had IPOs), and prior to that he established one of the laboratories that became the Danish Cancer Society.

  • Buy OneRNA(TM)

    Send us your samples or your RNA-seq data and we will send you an actionable report back

  • What our Customers say

    We work with corporations and governments to enable safe reopening our economy

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    Laura Dinsmore, President and CEO

    Quadrant Health Strategies, Inc.

    "We highly value our collaboration with Genomic Expression. We have worked with them since they launched COVID19 testing and have been impressed with their turnaround time and extraordinary customer service, consistently stepping up, often on short notice"


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    Mike Horrocks, CEO

    EREMA North America, Inc.

    " Access to rapid and accurate COVID19 testing for our employees is critical in allowing us to keep our facility open and to support our customers. It allows our employees to be confident in the work environment . Genomic Expressions ease of use, turnaround time, support and service has been essential in helping to reduce the risks in continuing our business model "



    We have been featured in Forbes twice, GEN, GenomeWeb and MedWatch. Our investors include Biogen founders, Harvard Business Angels, Investor Circle, Pipeline Angels, and a family office; Centurion Holding in New York.


    We are a Springboard alum company and among the 500 women-owned technology companies they have supported. Genomic Expression came in #2 in the Women’s Founders Pitch event in LA, was in the top 10 companies to pitch for Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) Extreme Technology Challenge, and was invited to dinner with Branson on Necker’s Island.


    We have brought the company from idea to commercialization for grants, revenue, and angel funding, and are now implementing capabilities to rapidly translate RNA code to novel RNA Theraputics in collaborations with Biotech and Pharma


    This is our founder's story:

  • Articles, Grants, Investors and Customers

    These are our supporters, funders and customers

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    Genome Danmark

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    Impact Investor

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    Impact Investor

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    #2 at WFN

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    Top 10 XTC

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    Horizon2020 grant

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    Eurostars Grant

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    MedTech Innovator Top 50

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    Winner of the Lyfebulb-Helsinn Award

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    Winner of the EIC Lifescience Award

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    Featured in Forbes

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    Won EUTop50 and invited to present at the European Parliament

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    Presented at GSTIC addressing the UN sustainability goals in health

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    Finals of the Blue Cross Blue Shields GuideWell competition for novel COVID19 solutions

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    In the semi-finals of the XPRIZE for Rapid Covid Testing - $6 million dollar, 6-month competition to develop faster, cheaper, and easier to COVID-19 testing methods at scale.

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    XPrize Semifinalist Targets 300 Million Tests Per Day With Scalable COVID Self-Test



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