• Analyzing RNA can identify novel treatment options

    RNA is much more informative connecting the information to existing drugs and clinical studies


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    We developed OneRNA® Platform to provide better treatment options for patients

    By analyzing RNA we can detect disease, monitor health and design next generation cures

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    Only 1 out of 4 cancer treatments prolong life

    From a genetic perspective, every cancer is unique. Yet the treatment most patients are offered is a standard treatment based on tissue of origin and stage.


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    Sequencing provides a paradigm shift

    Sequencing has enabled a paradigm shift away from looking at colored cells in a microscope to define the cancer by its genetic drivers. The sequence data enabling the doctor to diagnose aggressive cancers early AND identify more effective treatments for later stage cancers with ONE comprehensive test.

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    Cancer is no longer mainly defined by tissue of origin

    In many cases the same genetic alteration can be driving breast cancer in one patient, and lung cancer in another, opening up for many more treatment options.

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    Often the OneRNA® test can identify a less toxic and more effective treatment or clinical study

    Genetic testing using sequencing, opens up for treating with new types of drugs that target these genetic changes. Often the test can identify a less toxic and more effective targeted treatment with less side effects.


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    How we do it: OneRNA®

    RNA is the software of the cell and can inform us of the actual presence of disease, whereas DNA is the hardware and can mainly tell us of risk of disease. We don't like guessing and therefore we analyze ALL the mRNA's in the sample. This makes our OneRNA® platform the most powerful platform in the industry and it enables the implementation of AI into standard of care.

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    Are you a doctor or a patient?

    Our OneRNA® report can identify actionable RNA alterations and link them to approved drugs and drugs in clinical development. We partner with doctors to accelerate the delivery of more effective care in oncology.


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    Developing Next Generation Cures

    RNA can detect disease, monitor health and design next Generation Cures. We do not like guessing which is why we analyze ALL mRNA's in the sample. We validated our OneRNA® assay in tumor tissue embedded in paraffin (FFPE), blood and saliva, and we are analyzing the data using proprietary algorithms and databases to produce an easy to comprehend OneRNA® clinical report.


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    OneRNA® AI enables delivery of care

    OneRNA® enable AI powered healthcare by combining OneRNA® data with outcome data to produce better outcome.

    OneRNA® AI can then identify patients that will benefit from standard of care and provide other options for patients that will not.