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    Self collected COVID-19 PCR Test

    For active infections as well as asymptomatic individuals. We facilitate both clinician-monitored and self-collected specimens that can be self collected at home, at employers, schools, or universities, lowering cost and improving access to testing.

  • Control COVID19 infections with PCR testing

    Genomic Expression offers COVID19 test kits to employers, hospitals, and universities and individuals. Our OneCOVID19 PCR test detects viral RNA from the SARS-COV-2 in respiratory samples also from asymptomatic individuals.
    At this point it is unclear how effective your antibodies from either a prior infection or the vaccination are in preventing afuture infections. Antibodies clear relatively quickly especially in asymptomatic individuals making it difficult to ensure protection. Testing using both PCR and antibodies over time period will be able to answer some of these questions.

    PCR testing detects 98% of COVID19 infections

    PCR Testing detects 98% 

    The only way to make sure you are not infected is by testing using PCR, which is very sensitive. Between 25% and 80% of infected are asymptomatic.

    It can be helpful to understand if you have had the virus by combining the PCR test with the antibody test to determine if you are protected from COVID19 from either a vaccination or prior infection.


  • Why we encourage Saliva Specimen

    Saliva as a sample specimen has many advantages: Its is self-collection and reduces the risks to our healthcare workers. It is also non-invasive and much more pleasant than a nasopharyngeal/nasal swab test which goes way back into nasal cavity.


    As long as saliva is analyzed using PCR in high complexity lab, it performs just as well as NP swabs and more effective than nasal swab testing method. There is a potential for human collection error using swabs in general as some samples do not collect enough viral particles.

    mouth swab test

    Saliva advantages:

    1) Saliva performs just as well as the nasopharyngeal/NP swab


    2) Its non-invasive and self collected 


    3) Can detect virus in asymptomatic individuals


    4) Reduces collection errors from swabs

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